Brewsters New Shopfront and Interior Wall

A long standing customer of ours moved premises so they need us to completely change the outward appearance of the shop, as well as build a partition wall on the inside. They also wanted their car to be an advert for the business so that had graphics applied in the style of their logo.

This is a good example of being able to use many of our different skills for one job; from the design and application of the sign graphics, to the planning and building of the interior wall partition.

Before and After


When the shop was taken over the exterior was in need of refurbishment. There was no space for a traditional sign so the decision was made to put the the graphics on the large windows that ran along two sides of the shop. The main signage with the important information was put on the big front window and above the entrance door.

There is also an alley way that leads to a car park at the rear with around 10 individual windows. These were covered in the blue from the previous business, so we covered them all in yellow vinyl to match the new colour scheme and added further logo branding, so that customers coming from the car park at the rear, knew where the new premises were.

Shop Fit


As the shop is a large unit, the customer decided that he wanted around a third of the shop floor to become a store room. He asked us to build a partition wall to separate the two areas. This also included a set of double doors for access.

The owner wanted to be able to use the walls to hangs items on, so we used slat board which accepts display hooks. We also wired in several plug sockets to make the wall more practical.

Finally we used perforated vinyl on the windows of the partition doors as a privacy scree. This meant that the shop workers could see into the shop from the store room, but customers could not look into the room from the outside.

Brewsters Car


The company vehicle was also branded with the company logo, to be in keeping with the new shop front.

We decided to use reflective vinyl for the text and logo on the back. This means at night, or in low light conditions, it will be much more visible.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, feel free to ask us how we can incorporate elements like this into your company vehicle.