Decorative Items

Not Everything Needs to be Purely Functional Decorative Items

One of thee many advantages of a CNC router is that it can be used as a workhorse to churn out many identical pieces on an industrial scale, or it can be used for delicate and intricate unique items. Over the years we have been asked to cut a variety of different things that are purely ornamental. These have been used in shops, offices, restaurants, museums or even for home decorations.

We can use your CAD drawings, but if you do not have those facilities we can interpret your drawings or work from photographs to help you create stunning three dimensional items that could hang on a wall or be the centerpiece of an exhibition.

This is a piece that was commissioned by a restaurant after we made and installed new signs for them. They wanted a decorative lightbox to hang on their wall.

We built up layers of MDF and attached this to an aluminium composite backplate. This backplate allowed for secure fixing to the wall, and also served and the base for the LEDs. The front of the box is opaque acrylic with a fret cut MDF panel. The wood was painted during production to match the decor of the restaurant.

This was designed in house to the customers specification, using elements of the logo from the sign we had recently produced. It now hangs proudly on their wall and it is a unique ornamental item built especially for them.

A local carpenter was refurbishing a church notice board and wanted a high quality header for it. He came to us with a piece of hardwood and some sizes and we designed the item from his description. We are able to engrave letters in many different fonts and sizes into a variety of different materials. In this case the client needed a traditional look but without the expense of a hand carved hardwood panel.