Illuminated Signs

Stand out with Illuminated Signs

We offer a wide range of illuminated signs for when your business needs to be seen day or night, rain or shine.

We can offer full face illumination, or a more subtle fret cut tray – which allows you to choose which parts to light up – giving impact or prominence to your name or logo.

Traditionally these signs are internally lit with florescent tubes, but advances in LED technology means you can now have a more consistent light source that is cheaper to run and gives you much longer before you have to think about changing the bulbs.

This is an example of a fret cut sign, which is then backed up by clear acrylic. We then add vinyl to the back of the acrylic to give the letters their colour.

This is a full face illuminated sign. The face of the sign is acrylic and mounted in an aluminium frame. We then use translucent vinyl to give the sign its colour and vibrancy. You can also see the rows of LEDs that are mounted within the sign, that give a more efficient and longer lasting light source.

Another option is the overhead lighting technique. This can be a strip light (pictured) or the the ‘goose neck’ spotlights which give a more traditional feel. These lights are ideal for situations where internal lighting is not practical or not in keeping with the design of the fascia.