DIY and Hobby

Smaller and on off projects for DIY, Hobbyists and Prototypes

At Shannon Group we are geared for industrial quantities of work, however that doesn’t mean we can’t cut smaller numbers or even single units. We have done lots of work for students, DIY enthusiasts and model makers for whom buying an expensive CNC router just isn’t an option.

We are also happy to work with companies who may want to make prototype units and are not ready to go into large scale production.

(Clockwise from top left) A Cabinet in Production – As well as cutting your sheet material, we can even assemble and paint if you require.

A Quad Copter/Drone – A customer of our came to us with a CAD file of a drone that he had designed. He asked us to cut it from polycarbonate and then he took it back to his workshop for assembly. A job like this is far too small and precise to be done by hand.

Boat Footplates – A customer wanted a small run of footplates to be placed in a boat he was making. These were cut from a high density plastic for toughness and durability.

Stitching Template – Cut from 3mm acrylic, this template was used by an upholsterer so that he could quickly mark on the fabric so that his stitching would always be in the same place on every piece he produced.