Glass and Window Work

Window graphics Window graphics

Sometimes fascia signage isn’t appropriate for your site, or maybe you want to add extra information that wouldn’t fit on the sign. Perhaps you want to add an extra level of privacy to an area of your premises. All of these and more are valid reasons to look into having some window graphics applied to your glass.

It can be purely decorative, or for information purposes, or even both. If there’s glass there, we can stick something to it. The main options are detailed below:


Traditional Printed Vinyl


Opaque and mainly used to blank out a whole area, can also be used for privacy. It can be applied to the inside or outside of the glass, to be viewed from the inside or the outside of the premises. We use a full colour print method and the images can be up to any (realistic) size.

Cast or Foil Vinyl


Generally a more decorative feature that leaves most of the glass exposed so you can maintain visibility through it. Most often used for things like opening hours or ornamental purposes.

One Way or Perforated Vinyl


This is used when you want to be able to see out of your window and still allow light in, but want people on the outside to see a printed image. Often used as a privacy screen but can also be useful if you want large printed graphics on your window, but don’t want to shut out light or not be able to see out.

This specialist vinyl is made full of tiny holes that let the light through one way, but make it hard to see through from the other. Due to the nature of the material it can only be placed on the outside of the window, therefore it is not always suitable for every application (eg areas prone to vandalism)

Etch Vinyl


This vinyl is designed to recreate the effect of glass that has been sandblasted for a decorative effect.

It can be used to two ways: As a way to blank out a large area so that it acts as a privacy screen but still allows light though or (as shown in the picture) as a way of showing text or shapes while still maintaining an element of opaqueness. It can be both decorative and functional and can be used on the inside or the outside of the glass.

The Hyde Park Hotel

Extensive Decorative Window Graphics

During the renovation of the Hyde Park Hotel, we have done extensive window work throughout the premises.