Adrian Snell Production Services Theatre Scenery Construction

Adrian Snell Production Services are a company based in Torpoint, Cornwall. They produce scenery and backdrops for theatre companies throughout the UK.  We have been working with them for many years, cutting a wide range of things from formers, floors and decorative background items. We supply the pieces unfinished and the Adrian Snell team paint and decorate them as necessary.

This is a piece for a production of The Little Mermaid. The final product was nearly 5 metres in length so had to be routed in 6 separate units that would be assembled on site by the Adrian Snell team.

Due to the nature of the design we also had to add strengthening bars that would help maintain structural integrity during transport, but then could be easily removed by the customer after they had taken delivery.

This is part of a large floor that was made for a production of Oklahoma. The final job consisted of over 50 sheets of marine grade 8′ x 4′ plywood that was routed using a straight shank cutter, down to a depth of around 5mm. This gave the effect of floorboards once all the pieces were laid down next to each other.

About a quarter of the sheets were cut with several slots running all the way through (these can be seen in the image as the darker sections in the routed lines). This was to facilitate drainage, as during the production a rain effect was used and the stagehands needed to be able to sweep the water away quickly.