ARJ CRE8 Shop Fitting Services

As a group ARJ CRE8 are dedicated to the design, production and installation of interior solutions. It is their job to make sure every element of their projects are delivered to the highest standard, on time, on budget and on brief.

We are proud that they trust our expertise and quality to ensure that their products are as good as they can be.

Dubai Zoo Animals – Probably the biggest job that we have undertaken here at Shannon Group: 13 different double sided animals, at approximately life size. As well as various ‘rock’ formations for them to be placed on or around. Each animal was designed to be made out of different coloured triangles ranging in size from around 10mm to over 1500mm. The were over 930 unique triangles cut, that could only go in one specific place. All these were then to be placed on a background routed to the shape of the animal. It was essentially a giant jigsaw. After our initial tests we decided that handing the customer a box of nearly a 1000 unlabeled pieces as they had requested would not be practical, so we put forward the idea of engraving every triangle with a unique code, as well as engraving the shaped backboard with the corresponding lines and code. This meant that all our customer had to do was match the numbers to the numbers, therefore dramatically reducing the time (and the confusion) it would take them to put together.

Image (clockwise from top left) 1: Cutting the triangles out of specialist coloured MDF. 2: A stack of cut pieces representing 1 animal. 3: A nearly complete tiger. 3: The backboard being cut out, the engraving was done first.

Our customer has a large ongoing contract with English Heritage, therefore we have done many varied jobs for them. Because of our background in signmaking and CNC routing we are able to offer ARJ CRE8 a wide range of services all under one roof.

(Clockwise from top left) – Display Top: A steel frame was delivered to us and we printed and fitted the text and logo to the interior of the frame.

Fossil Boxes: These are some of the components to make boxes that contain 15 separate trays to hold various fossils for sale in the gift shop. We routed the veneered MDF. After they had been varnished by our customer we were also able to print and add the text.

Spinner Tops: These are branded tops to go on card spinner units. We were able to cut the components and add the English Heritage logo after they had been finished by the customer.

Honesty Box: We routed the components and then added the printed text and logo to finish off the end product.

Due to the nature of our business we can offer much more than just our CNC cutting services for making shop furniture.

(Clockwise from top left) Berlin Zoo Gift Shop: Black MDF with a white face was used to create these striking letters.

Bristol Aerospace Museum: Some printed and cut vinyl on some furniture for a pop up shop.

Trentham Monkey Forest: Part of a large display for the gift shop. A literal ‘mug tree’.

Southbank Centre: An illuminated box designed to be built into a counter for a pop up shop.