The Hyde Park Hotel Signage, window Graphics and Refurbishments

The Hyde Park Hotel reopened under new management in 2014. We have a long standing working relationship with the new owners so they got us in to start renewing the signage.

In keeping with the ‘old world’ style of the pub we produced hand finished gold leaf lettering, gold effect vinyl on the windows in the style of traditional sign writing and recreated logos for beers that haven’t been sold for many years.

Over the years we have returned many times to either make new signs, or refurbish an old signs that the owner had purchased. Detailed below are some of the things we have produced over the years.

Exterior Signage


(Clockwise from top left) Black acrylic lettering on stand-offs, illuminated by a strip light above.

Multiple signs using beer logos. These are printed and then applied to an aluminium composite which is then attached to the wall.

Plymouth Gin: A sign made using multiple types of vinyl. Standard cast vinyl was used for the colours, printed vinyl for the old style drawing of the ship and then finished with mirror gold foil vinyl to really make the sign come to life in the sunlight.

Old Meets New: Traditional real gold leaf techniques were applied to these letters that were made for PVC foam using our CNC router. The use of real gold rather than a gold effect paint means these letters shine brilliantly and will look good for years to come.

Internal Signs and Renovations 


(Clockwise from top left) Plymouth Gin: Logo recreated and then printed and applied to an ACM panel.

Aston Martin Lightbox: The owner purchased a decorative lightbox from the internet but he wasn’t satisfied by the front section which was just flat vinyl, so we stripped that off and recreated it with routed chrome effect ACM and inlaid it with cut acrylic lettering.

Old Advert: We were given a high quality scan of an old advert for the pub, we printed it out and produced a hand made frame to give it a more authentic look.

Watney’s Barrel: Several original lamps in the shape of a Watney’s barrel were bought for the pub. Due to their age several letters were missing. We recreated the font and re-cut them using the CNC router, making the repairs indistinguishable from the originals.

Decking Out the Decking


(Left) The safety glass that surrounds the decking area was a prime location for these round vinyl additions. They were either printed or foil vinyl, each one advertising various drinks that can be bought inside.

(Right) Utilising an existing structure we were commissioned to build custom signs to fit in the steel structure. The signs were wrapped in vinyl with the logos applied on top. The end result is a striking and unique feature.

Glass Work on Doors and Windows


A traditional look was required for the entrance doors and external windows. Historically this would have been done by hand using gold leaf and paint. Today however, due to time and costs, this is not a practical solution.

The next best thing is metallic gold foil and red cast vinyl. The red vinyl is the outline and the drop shadow. This text is mirrored and put on the back of the window, with gaps in the letters to allow for the gold. The gold vinyl is then applied on the back of the window on top of the red vinyl and it shows through the spaces left in the red vinyl.

It’s a simple but effect way of getting the required look, without the drawbacks of doing it all by hand.



To help advertise the venue the owner decided to commission us to add graphics their Landrover. We decided to try and keep the traditional theme that is found throughout the pub. We mostly used a combination of red and gold vinyl, with prints done for the various beer logos, these were the same logos that we had used to make the signs for the exterior of the pub.

We were also asked to produce a tire cover for the spare wheel. This was done using the same combination of vinyl and print.