Koishii Interior Re-design and Shopfront Overhaul

This was an extensive project that used many of our different skills. We will go into more details below, but to summarise; The exterior consists of a complete cladding of the front with real wood panels, built up 3D lettering and a fret cut internally illuminated flag sign.

The interior was repainted, we built table partitions that were both functional and decorative, we installed lightboxes to represent Japanese style windows and made an internally lit wall art featuring the business name and logo.

Pictured on the right is a before and after shot of the Koishii shop front.

Prior to cladding we had to make wooden frames that sat over the existing architecture. The wood planks were stained and treated in the workshop and then cut to size and fitted on site.

For the restaurant name we used built up 3D acrylic lettering, which were then fitted with hidden fixings. The remaining lettering is made with pvc foam with black acrylic faces – all produced in house on our CNC router.

The flag sign was made with a custom built double sided illuminating box. We used real wood that was fret cut and placed on opaque acrylic panels and inlayed with coloured acrylic. As the box is made with aluminium for strength, safety and longevity we then wrapped the exterior in matte vinyl printed with a photo that was taken of the existing paneling, giving a seamless finish and making sure that the metal box was in keeping with the rest of the wooden facade.

Pictured to the left are various shots showing some of the work that was done to the interior of Koishii. 

Sturdy partitions were built from scratch to allow patrons to lean back while sat down to eat, as well as giving some privacy between tables. These were made in a style to be in keeping with Japanese aesthetic.

We made lightboxes to represent Japanese paper windows, with semi translucent white acrylic and thin wooden beading, cut to represent the traditional ‘grid’ effect.

A lightbox similar to the external flag sign was also made and fitted to the wall to create a focal point. As with all the items we made, this was a bespoke unit that is unique to this restaurant.

Finally we painted the interior walls and added decorative vinyl to some of the interior glass work.