Plymouth Fancy Dress New Sign and Shop Front

After getting a grant from a local council scheme designed to help store owners re-vamp their existing shop fronts, the manager of Plymouth Fancy Dress approached us asking if we could help design and build a new sign and renovate their foyer area. After a lengthy consulting process a design was decided upon and the build was started.

The final product consisted of 3D lettering, a hand painted ACM composite tray sign, an internally illuminated flag sign, 2 full colour printed tray signs for the foyer area and finally a complete repaint of the security shutter and lobby area.

Some of the many processes the sign went through before it was ready for fitting (clockwise from top left):

Routing the lettering: The bulk of the letters were made from 50mm sign foam. Long lasting, lightweight, weather proof, easy to cut into shape and paint, this material is perfect for this kind of application.

Applying the stencils: To make sure that all the lettering is in the correct place when the sign is fitted on site, a vinyl stencil is applied to the sign tray in the workshop.

Safety First: Even though sign foam is a lightweight material the sheer size of the letters meant that we felt it prudent to hollow them out before they are finished.

Painting the sign tray: The ACM tray was hand painted in specific colours chosen by the client.


Such a large sign needs a thorough and well planned fit (clockwise from top left):

Timber Frame: A sturdy timber frame was built in the workshop and then transported to the site.

Fitting the Letters: The letters were screwed to the tray sign to ensure a long lasting connection.

Safety on Site: A full scaffold rig was put up on site so that the fitters could work safely and efficiently.

Finishing Touches: Once the letters were secured into position the acrylic faces were glued into place and then the protective film was peeled off.