R W Carter Excavations Fleet Vehicles

R W Carter Excavations have been using Shannon Group for over 5 years. In that time we have put liveries on many different types of vehicle for them. We also run on a contract to update the ISO and OHSAS number for them every time they get new ones.

R W Carter Excavations have numerous plant vehicles that all need to display not only the name of the company but also safety legislation numbers, accreditations and business contact details.

It is important to the owner of the company that they maintain a strong brand identity, that is kept uniform across the fleet. It poses an interesting challenge when the vehicles come in such varied shapes and sizes. Pictured to the right are some examples of the plant machinery that we have done.

We use long lasting and hard wearing cast vinyl for the text and laminated print for the accreditation logos.

R W Carter Excavations have a fleet of branded vehicles that they use throughout their business operations. Pictured are some of the diverse vehicles we have produced for them.

We use cast vinyl for the text and then print to clear vinyl for the pictures and the logos.