Student Life Re-Branding

The company Student Life Lettings was re-branded in 2017. The design work was carried out by Just Enough Brave and we were commissioned to produce the signage and window graphics.

After this initial job we have carried on working for the company producing house number plaques, advertising boards and vehicle liveries, some of which are detailed below.

The exterior of the shop was completely overhauled, with new signs, extensive window work and a coat of paint.

The sign was made with a variety of materials, including built up 3D lettering, cast vinyl and ACM composite.

The window work was a combination of one way perforated vinyl and normal cast vinyl. This allowed natural light to still enter the building while simultaneously allowing a large area to be utilised for advertising purposes.

Several of the properties that Student Life Lettings look after have enough space in front of them to allow the placement of an advertising hoarding. These were printed and laminated on to ACM composite boards and then fitted to posts.

We have also produced several small house number plaques that share the same unique branding as the main office. These eye catching and functional signs help even the freshest of students find their way home after a long day of studying.

Along with the office and other various signage we also applied graphics to the Student Life company car. This followed the branding and colour scheme of the office and i now an ideal mobile advertisement for the company.